It is relatively easy to improve the security of your home and make it difficult for burglars, but many people do not take the simple steps outlined below.

In fact many people make it very easy for a burglar. 20% of all home burglaries are allowed to happen because a window or a door was not properly secured.

Securing Windows

Ground floor windows are particularly vulnerable to break in. Many householders leave windows open when they are out of the house, an open window is a welcome entry point for a would be thief.

Professional burglars practice opening insecure windows by cutting glass to open a window catch. Another method is to use a thin blade to operate and open the window catch from the outside.

To protect your home you should have key operated window locks on any windows which can be accessed from the outside and particularly those on the ground floor or above a flat roof.

Window locks are not expensive being available in the DIY stores. You just need to select the type for your window frame – UPVC, wood or aluminium being the common types.

Securing front entry doors

All entry doors to your home should have a solid lock which conforms to BS 3621. If you want to make life difficult for a thief get a mortise lock.

Do not waste your money on spring locks, they will not act as a barrier to any determined burglar.

As with any door you need to make certain that the door is of solid construction. The most secure locks on a flimsy door are no protection at all.

Security chains and door viewers

Security chains and door viewers can help you to identify people who call at your home without opening the door and letting them gain entry.home security padlock

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors can be a weakness if not properly secured. Remember that an entry point is also the way out for the burglar and a large, wide patio door enable a thief to easily make way with your larger items such as a television.

Whilst your manufacturer may have specific instructions in general patio doors are best secured with locking bolts. These should be installed at the top and bottom of the doors and at opposite corners. The door mechanism should also have an anti lifting component to prevent the door being lifted off its tracks and levered out.

Rear entry doors

Rear entry doors are favoured by thieves as they are often out of site allowing a thief to work on the door for a while without being discovered.

Make certain that the door is of sound construction. This also apples to the surrounding frame. Many burglaries occur when the frame has been levered out of the wall whilst the door is still locked into the frame.

In addition to a good mortise lock it is also advisable to fit solid bolts or key operated dead bolts to the rear door.

Security Survey

You can complete a review of your home using the list above as a guide. If you want professional advice you can call on the services of alarm and security companies who often offer free surveys. These reviews can also give you confidence that your home security arrangements comply with the requirements of your home insurance policy.

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