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Three different Burglar Alarm Systems to meet your needs

Investing in a professionally installed Burglar Alarm System is one of the best decisions you can make for your family and your home. To help you get the security you want Dyno-Secure offer 3 levels of burglar alarm protection incorporating intrusion detection, monitored alarms, wireless burglar alarms and the latest burglar alarm sensors.

Intruder Response 24 – Monitored Alarm Systems

The advanced Intruder Response 24 burglar alarm system is connected to an Alarm Monitoring Centre, which monitors signals received from your burglar alarm system 24 hours a day. In the event of a break-in, or if your burglar alarm sensor is triggered, the internal sounder is triggered, then a keyholder, and where necessary the police, will be notified.

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Intruder Alert 24 – Remote Burglar Alarm System

The sophisticated Intruder Alert 24 security burglar alarm offers you immediate notification should there be a problem within your home. In the event of a break-in, the burglar alarm system speech-dialer automatically calls up to four programmed telephone numbers, including mobiles, with a pre-recorded message. An external burglar alarm sounder is also triggered alerting neighbors and deterring burglars.

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Intruder Alarm 24 – Security Alarm System

Once the burglar alarm detectors are triggered the Intruder Alarm 24 system activates an external burglar alarm sounder, alerting neighbors and informing the burglar that they have been detected. The presence of a professionally installed burglar alarm box on the front of your home creates a great deterrent to would be burglars.

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Burglar Alarm Systems Overview

Feature Intruder Response 24 Intruder Alert 24 Intruder Alarm 24
24 hour monitoring by Alarm Receiving Centre 365 days a year. Keyholder and where necessary the police will be notified.* Yes    
Constant system monitoring in the event of a break-in. System speech-dialer automatically calls up to four programmed telephone numbers, including mobiles, with a pre-recorded message.   Yes  
On alarm, burglar alarm sounds, alerting neighbours and surprising the burglar.     Yes
Alarm service visit to ensure your system is in optimum working order. Twice per year Annual Annual
Free parts and labour warranty in the first year with no additional charges for call out and reset. Yes Yes Yes
24 hour Customer Care line to help with incidents and provide advice. Yes Yes Yes
24 hour Dyno-Secure engineer call out should assistance for your alarm be required. Yes Yes Yes

* To reduce false burglar alarms the police require two detectors to be triggered in sequence before they will attend. If only a single burglar alarm detector is triggered just a keyholder will be notified.

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Burglar Alarms and Burglar Alarm System Installation

We are often asked about Burglar Alarms and Burglar Alarm System Installation, give us a call to arrange a visit to discuss your needs.

A burglar alarm installation is an excellent investment in burglary prevention and crime prevention. A burglar alarm installation with modern intrusion detection systems and a remote alarm can protect your belongings while you are out. For peace of mind ensure your burglar alarm is installed by a security company who are skilled in burglar alarm installation.

Professional Services You Can Depend Upon

Dyno-Secure, part of British Gas, has a reputation for reliable performance and outstanding service. With Dyno-Secure burglar alarm installers, you can be confident of great home protection.

British Security Industry Association Dyno-Secure is accredited by NSI (National Security Inspectorate), meaning its Burglar Alarm systems meet the highest standards. They also follow all the requirements for ACPO (Association of the Chief Police Officers (Scotland)) for security systems.
Ensure that your burglar alarm system is installed to the highest professional standards.