Emptying a Blocked Sink

At some time within the lifetime of your pipe work and fittings you will more than likely need to deal with a sink that empties more slowly than normal. Sometimes it will not drain at all. If this issue only occurs to 1 particular sink then you have an impeded sink. In comparison to an impeded sewer, it is more convenient to clear and a task that you will be able to manage yourself.

The easiest way to unblock a sink is with boiling water. After you have boiled a couple of gallons of water you should decant it immediately into the sink. This will melt any blockages in the pipe and free the passageway of any debris. Under no circumstances use warm water to unblock a sink when you have got PVC pipe work as hot water may well soften these pipes and cause them to rupture.

In the event of having PVC drainage pipes, you should use a plunger to unblock your sink. There are two types of plunger, the cup plunger plus and the flange plunger. For unblocking a sink, you would need to use a cup plunger. The flange plunger is for use on toilet bowls. For sanitary causes, you do not wish to combine them both.

Once you have obtained the appropriate plunger, seal off the sink overspill exit with a patch of duct tape. Following this you should fill the sink half full and then attempt to empty it whilst using the plunger in sharp and distinct plunges over the plug hole.

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